Economy Package

Economy Package Umisons Industries
Economy Package Parts Umisons Industries

For the Entrepreneurs who want to control budgets

M/c : UI 408 (MS)
Vice : UI 804 (M)

A model with Manual Single Platform Pressing Vice

Suitable for small industries, whose production scales are not heavy and where skillful persons can control quality in furniture and molding sector.

Finger shaping m/c. with manual drive and clamping. It can handle wood sizes of small, medium and large.

Finger Shaping m/c

Finger Shaping M/c

Package Power Require Working Capacity W/H(mm)
Silver 4.5 HP 200 / 100

Finger Jointing Vice

 Finger Jointer Vice

Working Capacity L / W / H (mm) Power Require
2500 / 100 / 50