M/c : UI 2P 1D

(Double Your Production Of Panels)

For the Panel Board industry
Wood Panels require special bonding to prepare valuable solid wood boards. This m/c with Heavy-duty Hydraulic controls is useful to Door-Windows or panel board manufacturers and furniture makers.

Door & Panel Assembler (Vertical)
Double side working, multi application One side assemble doors (as shown Pic. B) and second side, (as shown Pic. A) process panel assembly. Thus handling multi-tasking for units that aim to manufacture various types of jobs.


Technical Specification

 Panel Assembler

Max. Working Length 2500mm
 Max. Working Width 1250mm
Max, Working Thickness 40mm
Power Required

(For Hydro Power pack)



 Door Assembler

Max. Working Length 2150mm
 Max. Working Width 1050mm