Premium Auto Cool Model

Multi Grinders Uamisons Industires

Carbide Tip Planner Blade

Grinder For Woodworking Tools & Cutters

With special carbide tips planner blade grinding attachment & Unique Auto Cooling System.

Features of Auto cool model

  1. Special attachment for carbide tips planner blade grinding
  2. Auto-cooling system in its segment,
    first time in India.
  3. Better engineered parts-n-systems
  4. Special attachment for carbide tips planner blade grinding
Multi Grinder Carbide tip Planner Blade

Multi Grinders-Sample-Umisons-Industries

Unique auto-cooling system

Function For Both Multi Grinder



Standard Model

Suitable for all industries at a low install cost

The Machine-body of standard Model is sturdy and rugged enough to stand Indian working conditions.
At the same time it’s design is compact to give better maneuvering space and to make transport and installation easy.

Standard Model Umisons Indusries

Special Features for both M/cs

  1. Finger Joint Cutter can be sharpened.
  2. Special grinding wheel allows all 3 operations of TCT cutter grinding.
  3. Movable setting of height adjustment for ele. motor to bring grinding wheel at job-level.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification Premium Auto Cool Standard
Electric Motor 0.5 HP 440 / 220 V 0.5 HP 440 / 220 V
Max. Working Width 7″ To 18″ 7″ To 18″
Grinding Wheel Dia. 150mm 150mm
Carbide Planner Blade Size 18″