Ply Core Zig Zag Cutter

Ply Core Zig Zag Cutter Umisons Industires

Zigzag setting of ply-core pieces improve ply layers, ensuring High Quality of ply wood

For preparing ply-core pieces till now, the plywood industry has been labour-intensive in regard to core layering. This m/c mechanizes the process, that too – very economically. No ply industry can remain viable in global competition era without adopting to ‘ZigZag’.

Technical Specification UI – PCZ
M/c Working Size 650mm Width (max)
Work Piece Thickness Up to 3 mm of wood core
Electric Motor 3 HP

M/c.’s zigzag cutting press keep punching. Keep putting ply-core pieces under the punch. The gauge will ensure uniform zagzag cut.


Such zigzag pieces can be match-set opposite one another, while preparing the core-layers. Then gluing of pieces ensure almost zero-gap.