Standard Package

Standard Package - Golden Packgae-Umisons-Industries

High-quality m/cs for the medium scale industry

Auto Drive Model With Pneumatic Clamping

Option : 1 Pneumatic Models

Model 1 Pneumatic Model Umisons Industires

M/c : UI 804 & Vice: UI 408

This package is most useful in plywood industry for flush door making

Auto Drive Model with Pneumatic Clamping

Note : Depending on your budget and production plan, you may even cross-select any two models

Finger Shaping m/c

Package Power Required Working Capacity
Gold 5.5HP 200/100

Finger Jointing Vice

Package Working Capacity
Power Required
Gold 2500/100/50 —–

Model With Manual Double Platform Pressing Vice

Auto Drive Model With Manual Clamping

M/c : UI 804 & Vice: 408 (M)

Option : 2 Manual Models