Wide Belt Sander Umisons Industires

Wide Belt Sander

Specially design Heavy Duty Machine (UI-1300-DH) for Finger Jointed Solid Wood Board Calibration & sanding

Also we have machine (UI-1300-SH) for fine sanding Ply Wood, Block board & Flush Door

American photo eye control sending belt oscillation

Air jet blower for abrasive belt cleaning and cooling to expand belt lift and increase sending precision

Wide Belt Sander Parts
Technical Specification
Width of Sanded Panel 40 – 1300mm 40 – 1300mm
Thickness of Sanded Panel 2.5 – 150mm 2.5 – 150mm
Minimum working length 540mm 540mm
Feeding speed 7 – 30m/min 7 – 30m/min
Total Motor Power (KW/HP) 22.12 / 30 63.62 / 85
Compress Air Required 10 kg/cm2 10 kg/cm2