UI - PC S(H)

Auto Feed Sander


Expensive Wooden core pieces can be joined perfectly for ‘Zero Gap’ Ply-Sheets

Tapering of the core-pieces, as fast as photo-copying

Umisons help you use valuable small wooden core pieces more profitably. The main m/c of the package ‘Autofeed Sander’ works very fast, is capable of handling volumes and involves no wear-n-tear, except sanding belt.

Variable speed of feeding by VFD helps to get perfect taper in all kind of wood core

Auto Feed Sander (Heavy Duty)

Valuable Wooden core pieces can be joined perfect for ‘Zero Gap’ &
‘No Overlapping’ in ply-sheets

UI - PCJ A60

Auto Joint Heat & Press

Auto Joint Heat & Press - Umisons Industries

joining In 1 Panel layer minute

A worker has to just keep placing the glued core pieces on the work table. The machine slides the pieces, lock the joints, does the pressing-n-heating. After the timer-set process it relieves the pieces. It is ready for next set of pieces.

Technical Specification UI-PCS(H) UI-PCJ A60
Electric  Power 5 HP power 3 kw Heater
Working Width 60″
Compress Air Require 10 kg/cm2


Auto Feed Sander (Eco)

Auto Feed Sander Umisons Industires
Auto Feed Sander Parts

UI - PCJ A52

Auto Joint Heat & Press

Auto Joint Heat & Press Umisons Industires
Auto Joint Heat & Press Parts1

Core pieces are tapered on Sander, after proper shearing

Auto Joint Heat & Press Parts2

Tapered edges be glued an placed face-to-face in ‘Heat & Press’

Auto Joint Heat & Press Parts3

Such jointed strips can be then used for ply layering

* Working table accommodates core pieces of up to 52” width