Brush Sanding Machine

Brush Sanding Machine

Top & Bottom


Sanding machinery

Available In : Automatic & Semi Automatic Model

  • Brush sanding machine is specially developed for uniform sanding operation on plywood, block board and flush door.
  • With new brushing concept it will provide consistent grain and roughness as desire against belt process.
  • The brush required less brushing time and work long lasting. Save belt replacements time and increase efficiency in sanding operation.

Brushing Unit Process

Technical Specification UI-BS-4 UI-BS-6
Brushing Roller 4 Head 4 Head + 2 Cleaning Head
Brushing Roller Size 210 mm Dia x 1320 mm Length 210 mm Dia x 1320 mm Length
Sanding Top & Bottom Side Top & Bottom Side
Max. Feeding Speed 7 Mtr. / Min. 7 Mtr. / Min.
Sanding Sheet Thickness Min.4 mm To Max 52 mm Min.4 mm To Max 52 mm
Power 17 HP 19 HP

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